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Movie Takes

We Can Work It Out

By 5.13.02

Unfaithful is shockingly unfaithful to the French masterpiece it's based on. It's probably even unfaithful to Fatal Attraction.

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Deuces Wild

By 5.10.02

After the Dodgers left Brooklyn, the local Sharks and Jets never could keep their eye the ball again: Fifties nostalgia that could have been made in the Fifties.

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Nine Queens

By 4.23.02

A brilliantly conceived and executed Argentinian ''sting'' is only bettered by the movie that describes it.

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The Cat’s Meow

By 4.12.02

Peter Bogdanovich is one of those directors who is always coming back, though back from where it is never quite clear.

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Lucky Break

By 4.8.02

A British prison comedy in which Christopher Plummer steals the show -- even as his prisoners attempt to escape during the musical show he has them starring in.

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Death to Smoochy

By 4.3.02

Here's another movie you can kiss goodbye -- unless you want to see Robin Williams a lot funnier than he has been of late.

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Crush Trash

By 4.2.02

Sisterhood forever! And Andie MacDowell lights up, in what can only be described as a revolting movie.

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Y Tu Mama Tambien

By 3.31.02

''And Your Mother Too...'' may be one of the best pornographic movies ever made -- though it is not the skin that makes this a porn film.