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Movie Takes

The Sunshine State

By 6.25.02

Another exercise in politically progressive moral earnestness by John Sayles.

Movie Takes

The Emperor’s New Clothes

By 6.24.02

Charming ''counterfactual'' history, cleverly written and competently acted, about Napoleon and a woman who loves him becomes she's certain he's not the Emperor.

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The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

By 6.17.02

Hollywood really ought to give William Blake more credit as one of the earliest exponents of the idea of the Church as moral oppressor and manufactory of sexual guilt.

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Cherish Isn’t the Word

By 6.11.02

Zoe goes from being a party girl that the guys don’t call next day to one of the feminist legends of the West.

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The Lady and the Duke


Another autumnal triumph from the world’s greatest living film director.

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The Piano Teacher (La Pianiste)

By 6.6.02

Another weird but weirdly captivating film from the Austrian director, Michael Haneke.

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The Sum of All Fears

By 6.5.02

Perhaps it was just good taste that led some to want to suppress this latest adaptation of a Tom Clancy novel.

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Enough Already

By 5.30.02

More proof, if proof were needed, that feminist empowerment fantasies can be dangerous to women.

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The Importance of Being Earnest

By 5.29.02

Nobody could be in favor of Victorian hypocrisy anymore. So why do we continue to bash it -- and congratulate ourselves for being superior?

Movie Takes

Thirteen Conversations About One Thing

By 5.24.02

This somewhat ponderously philosophical movie is redeemed by several outstanding performances, particularly by Alan Arkin, America's least appreciated great actor.