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Movie Takes


By 11.7.12

Taxing the rich won't begin to repair the moral and spiritual lives of this film's sibling have-nots.

Movie Takes

Kubrick’s Family

By From the August 1980 issue

Stanley Kubrick's new film, The Shining, is about a man who wants to kill his wife and son. It does not matter that the movie uses the conventions of the horror genre, explaining the man's desire in supernatural terms; Kubrick has simply taken the wonderful trash novel of the occult by Stephen King, which was a big bestseller, and has used the basic outline of its plot to tell his more gruesome and more serious story. From the Bomb in Dr. Strangelove, to the Mysteries of the Universe in 2001: A Space Odyssey, to the Family in The Shining -- Kubrick likes to tackle the Really Big Subjects. In this movie he reverses Ivan Karamazov's famous question, asking instead: "Who wouldn't desire his son's death?"

Movie Takes


By 10.18.12

Time travel that narrows the mind -- just the opposite of what it should do.