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Movie Takes


By 8.7.02

Can Mel Gibson's loss of religious faith compete with aliens in the backyard and ten other plot lines?

Movie Takes

Full Frontal

By 8.6.02

Putting together the pieces of the puzzle is the only pleasure to be had from this new movie by Hollywood golden boy Steven Soderbergh.

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By 7.26.02

The problem isn't that a 40-year-old woman seduces a 15-year-old boy, it's that the seduction is not even considered morally problematical.

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K-19: The Widowmaker

By 7.23.02

Starring Harrison Ford, this submarine movie redeems itself with a portrayal of men doing their best to cope with a colossal military screw-up.

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Never Again

By 7.22.02

OK, so old people can be as sexually licentious as young and attractive ones. Does this mean that we want to watch them doing it?

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Lovely and Amazing

By 7.2.02

A funny and well-observed chick-flick that, nevertheless, never quite gets us beyond the recognition that it’s hell being a woman.

Movie Takes

Mr. Deeds

By 7.1.02

Adam Sandler as the new Gary Cooper? If you can believe that, you might actually like this awful, unfunny movie.