Movie Takes

Movie Takes

Bend It Like Beckham

By 3.17.03

A sunny, funny and alas sitcomy celebration of the rich, multicultural tapestry that is Britain today.

Movie Takes

Bringing Down the House

By 3.12.03

With the help of a black ex-con, Dad becomes a hip, freaky, fun-loving guy and his wife and kids are overjoyed. Best of all, he gets to keep the Mercedes and the job as a high-priced tax lawyer.

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The Safety of Objects

By 3.11.03

There are many characters in this neighborhood, living very full if not very happy lives.

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Open Hearts (Elsker dig for Evigt)

By 3.4.03

Yet another terrifically well-made film from the Danish Dogme 95 group. How do they do it?

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Dark Blue

By 2.26.03

Yet more corruption in the LAPD makes you wonder if there are criminals in Los Angeles who aren't wearing a badge.

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Old School

By 2.25.03

O for those carefree college days, when everyone drank himself senseless each weekend.

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Gods and Generals

By 2.24.03

The ultimate in Civil War re-enactments can make for a laughably tiresome movie.

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All the Real Girls

By 2.20.03

A thoughtful indy film done in by its earnestness.

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By 2.19.03

Prison -- you don't want to go there.

Movie Takes

Deliver Us From Eva

By 2.11.03

By delivering LL Cool J into temptation. Definitely not cool or remotely funny.