Movie Takes

Movie Takes

The Great Gatsby

By 5.31.13

By the standards of contemporaneity, who are we to judge this Baz movie?

Movie Takes

Pain & Gain

By 5.7.13

You'll find yourself laughing when you shouldn't be.

Movie Takes


By 4.23.13

Who knew that Pennsylvania was the second coming of Alabama and Mississippi…

Movie Takes

56 Up

By 4.17.13

The greatest documentary achievement in the history of film.

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By 4.16.13

Those who see this as a satire of reality TV are missing the point entirely.

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Beyond the Hills

By 4.8.13

A beautiful if harrowing film unlike any a Hollywood director would make.

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By 3.28.13

Hitchcock never ruined the last 10 minutes of his thrillers the way Chan-wook Park does here.

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Identity Thief

By 3.27.13

Progressive opinion is badly conflicted by this Melissa McCarthy vehicle.

Movie Takes

Life of Pi

By 2.27.13

A boy and a Bengal tiger alone on a lifeboat.

Movie Takes

Les Misérables

By 2.22.13

Melodrama without the intensity and humanity of Victor Hugo's original.