Movie Takes

Movie Takes

The Act of Killing

By 8.27.13

A pacifist documentarian already knows the answers to why Indonesia turned so bloody in 1965.

Movie Takes

Blue Jasmine

By 8.26.13

Not exactly a barrel of laughs.

Movie Takes

The Bling Ring

By 8.2.13

Sofia Coppola is too close to her glitzy world to treat it satirically.

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The Way, Way Back

By 7.26.13

A funny if trivial film where the father-figures revert to adolescence and the 14-year-old hero has nowhere to go.

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Much Ado About Nothing

By 7.19.13

If Shakespeare is our contemporary, it's not in the way the trendies would have it.

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By 7.5.13

An interesting Civil War film that goes badly wrong.

Movie Takes

Stories We Tell

By 6.24.13

Director Sarah Polley discovers some dark family secrets in this quasi-documentary.

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What Maisie Knew

By 6.12.13

Don't miss this updating of Henry James's novel, if only for of the brilliance of its child star.

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Frances Ha

By 6.10.13

Noah Baumbach's homage to Truffaut's Jules et Jim -- and to HBO's Girls.

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Love Is All You Need

By 6.4.13

By Susanne Bier's standards, not her best work.