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Movie Takes

Everything Must Go

By 6.13.11

For once, a meaty role for Will Ferrell.

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By 6.9.11

Is there a good side to destructive and anti-social psychoses?

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There Be Dragons

By 6.3.11

Fiction and melodrama undermine the respectfully treated real-life story of Opus Dei's founder amid the Spanish Civil War.

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Win Win

By 5.23.11

A movie with some moral seriousness, which is more than we usually get from Hollywood these days.

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Winter in Wartime

By 4.29.11

A well-made film that's less about winter and wartime than about boyhood and its end.

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In a Better World

By 4.15.11

The brilliant Susanne Bier's Oscar-winning movie is very much about men and the things that matter to men.

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Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton

By 4.11.11

Tonight on PBS, from Michael Pack and Richard Brookhiser.

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Jane Eyre

By 4.6.11

How does this beautiful adaptation compare to the great novel?

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A Somewhat Gentle Man

By 3.23.11

An amusing Norwegian film about revenge -- or the lack of it.

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Of Gods and Men

By 3.17.11

An immensely moving account of goodness, holiness and Christian martyrdom.