Movie Takes

Movie Takes

The Help

By 10.5.11

Liberal-mindedness at its most condescending and self-regarding.

Movie Takes


By 9.21.11

It's not supposed to be like the real world, silly.

Movie Takes

The Guard

By 9.16.11

A comedy shot through with wittily sparkling repartee -- it's Irish, of course.

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Our Idiot Brother

By 8.30.11

Do you sometimes get the feeling that a nice fellow like Paul Rudd is being typecast?

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One Day

By 8.29.11

Anne Hathaway's Yorkshire accent has all of Britain up in arms.

Movie Takes

If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

By 8.22.11

The sad, deluded life of an eco-terrorist.

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By 8.16.11

Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris proves no match for the former beauty queen Joyce McKinney.

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Page One: Inside The New York Times

By 7.19.11

A documentary that endorses every last ounce of the Times' self-importance.

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The Tree of Life

By 7.18.11

Pretentiousness never had it so good.

Movie Takes

City of Life and Death

By 6.21.11

This fictionalization of the murder of 300,000 in Nanking can only leave the viewer numb -- if not feeling superior.