Movie Takes

Movie Takes


By 12.8.11

More clowning around from the obnoxious Lars von Trier.

Movie Takes

The Descendants

By 12.6.11

As good an American movie as you're likely to see these days.

Movie Takes


By 11.30.11

Who wrote Shakespeare's plays? The latest in idiot fantasy at the movies.

Movie Takes

Margin Call

By 11.22.11

Once again, Hollywood pretends to remain ignorant of the ancient maxim caveat emptor.

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The Way

By 10.26.11

It's not exactly a religious pilgrimage, but it does treat religion with a certain respect.

Movie Takes

Take Shelter

By 10.21.11

A willingness to blur the difference between reality and unreality undermines what would otherwise be a fine movie.

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By 10.17.11

A permanent sense of grievance makes this movie memoir of 1960s England rather mean-spirited.

Movie Takes

The Hedgehog

By 10.11.11

Left-wing intellectuals, it appears, are all alike.

Movie Takes


By 10.6.11

Everything you thought it knows about baseball is wrong.