In Memoriam

In Memoriam

A Very Complete Game

By 5.10.10

Robin Roberts, 1926 – 2010.

In Memoriam

Methodist Dixie

By 4.29.10

The actress Dixie Carter, who died this month, only played a liberal. In real life she was something else.

In Memoriam

A Big Star Hidden Under a Box Top

By 3.24.10

Alex Chilton, RIP.

In Memoriam

The Beichman Library Closes

By 3.1.10

When he died last month, Arnold Beichman took with him a mind overflowing with valuable information on the greatest ideological conflict of the 20th century.

In Memoriam

Al Haig’s Charge

By 2.22.10

Often controversial, egotistical, and mercurial, but always interesting and entertaining.

In Memoriam

RIP Dick Francis

By 2.15.10

The world loses a champion, a voice for good.

In Memoriam

Recalling Amalrik

By From the February 2010 issue

The man who saw it coming.

In Memoriam

Lively Literary Light Goes Out

By 1.22.10

Spenser creator dies with his boots on.

In Memoriam

Death of a Genius

By 1.12.10

Eric Rohmer, who died yesterday, was one of the greatest artists ever to work in film.

In Memoriam

Farewell to Oral Roberts

By 12.31.09

America's first televangelist represented the mainstreaming of Pentecostalism -- and he avoided the pitfalls that did in some of his contemporaries.