In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Peter Yates: The End?

By 2.11.11

Remembering the great director of Bullitt and Breaking Away -- and the movie deal he didn't close.

In Memoriam

Vale Denis Dutton

By 12.30.10

A professor of philosophy who civilized the Internet.

In Memoriam

A Special Place

By 12.15.10

Elaine Kaufman, RIP.

In Memoriam

This Is Our Hill and These Are Our Beans

By 12.1.10

Life will be less funny without Leslie Nielsen.

In Memoriam

A California Redwood

By 11.1.10

Another member of the Greatest Generation has passed away.

In Memoriam

Mario Rubio, RIP

By 9.7.10

What a shame this great American won't have a chance to see his son sworn in as a U.S. senator.

In Memoriam

James Jackson Kilpatrick, RIP

By 8.17.10

America has lost its greatest wordsmith.

In Memoriam

Losing Amber

By 7.26.10

Those of us who loved her will never get over it.

In Memoriam

Sid Dauman, RIP

By 7.6.10

The death of a friend of monumental proportions.

In Memoriam

Memories of Lena Horne: The Calm After Stormy Weather

By 5.11.10

What would a little boy have known about stormy weather?