Media Matters

Media Matters

The Sinking Strib

By 4.17.09

Minnesota's most liberal newspaper emits a few last gasps before going under.

Media Matters

Goodbye to Old Newspaper Days

By 4.7.09

Nothing will replace the camaraderie that came with being a night-desk reporter.

Media Matters

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

By 3.5.09

A story of guns, privacy, and the press in Arkansas.

Media Matters

Perma Frost

By 2.27.09

For a media culture frozen in its triumphalism, there's nothing like the recent movie Frost/Nixon.

Media Matters

Apologies Accepted (By the Media)

By 2.5.09

Taking a dive for Michael Phelps.

Media Matters

Authors of Their Own Doom

By 2.2.09

When did newspapering seal its fate?

Media Matters

The Gray Lady’s Iseman Problem

By 1.19.09

A twisted and cheap political hit on John McCain continues to haunt the New York Times.

Media Matters

The Party-Controlled Press

By 11.12.08

Today, the mainstream media voluntarily behave the way the Soviet media were forced to.

Media Matters

The Newspaper Belongs in the Trash

By 11.7.08

With declining circulation and influence, it is finally safe for conservatives to shun mainstream media outlets that are biased against them.

Media Matters

Those Who Forget the Past

By 9.17.08

They're all in good standing in major media working away to defeat the evil McCain-Palin ticket.