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One Flu Over the Editor’s Desk

By 11.25.09

Flu pandemics then and now -- as covered by the Bush-bashing, Obama-protecting New York Times.

Media Matters

All the News That’s Fit to Bury

By 9.21.09

The New York Times finds itself on the wrong page of history.

Media Matters

Out of Business Week

By 7.21.09

Media mavens have been predicting it for some time, but when the once-powerful Business Week magazine went on the block last week -- reportedly for one dollar -- it came as a shock, perhaps most of all to the BW journalists who have been covering the shift away from print.

"It couldn't happen here," one New York staffer told me. "But it has."

Proprietor McGraw-Hill hid behind corporate jargon in merely announcing it was examining "strategic options" for the troubled weekly. In fact the corporation is desperate to dump the magazine. Business Week, which once made $100 million a year, now reportedly loses that amount.

McGraw-Hill chairman, president and CEO Harold McGraw III is quoted in magnificent understatement as saying, "Cost containment will be a priority for us all year."

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And That’s the Way It Is

By 7.20.09

We've lost Walter Cronkite.

Media Matters

Who Are Jon and Kate?

By 6.12.09

Inside the struggle not to know.

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PolitiFact’s Fixers

By 5.28.09

The Truth-O-Meter at the St. Petersburg Times has a very long nose.

Media Matters

Pancake Red Stone

By 4.24.09

When it came to the Soviet Union, the journalist I.F. Stone wasn't so independent.

Media Matters

Good Riddance

By 4.21.09

What do you expect from a newspaper industry that has outdone Detroit in wasting its franchise?

Media Matters

Yes, It Does

By 4.20.09

CNN really does suck lemons.

Media Matters

The Sinking Strib

By 4.17.09

Minnesota's most liberal newspaper emits a few last gasps before going under.