Media Matters

Media Matters

War of Words

By 7.1.10

Is media bias a big deal? Or is it just the media being media?

Media Matters

Ducking Crossfire

By 6.10.10

At the helm of the new online salon Ricochet, James Poulos wants to converse.

Media Matters

Helen the Hack

By 6.9.10

Another Washington success story gets the royal treatment.

Media Matters

Newsweek: The Canary In The Liberal Coal Mine

By 5.18.10

Sale of liberal media star a symbol of looming election verdict on Obama.

Media Matters

News Quiz for Discerning American Spectator Readers

By 5.5.10

Identify the bogus item.

Media Matters

News Not Fit To Print

By 5.3.10

Oprah would have loved this one, one would think.

Media Matters

The Curious Incident at the New York Times

By 4.13.10

The missing word in the paper's obsessive coverage of the pedophile priest scandal.

Media Matters

Goodbye from Dubai

By 4.6.10

Fired in favor of Tom Brokaw.

Media Matters

The Pope, the Scandal, and the Crib Notes for Journalism 101

By 4.5.10

You'd think Richard Nixon was the target.

Media Matters

The FCC’s War on Broadcasting

By 1.26.10

Silencing dissent can be very attractive to those who wish to implement unpopular programs.