Media Matters

Media Matters

Romney Has Already Lost the Debate

By 10.2.12

Media Research Center 25th Gala a graphic reminder: media bias to cast Romney as loser.

Media Matters

Mideast in Flames — And Obama Still Can Do No Wrong

By 9.18.12

In the eyes of a worshipful press, of course.

Media Matters

Truth and Consequently…

By 9.14.12

In this campaign, "random acts of journalism" are disappearing.

Media Matters

The Plot Thickens

By 9.12.12

The self-destructive behavior of the mainstream media.

Media Matters

Obama’s Mamas

By 8.1.12

Protecting their wondrous child at every turn.

Media Matters

Glitter and Be Gay

By 7.6.12

Some candid talk about Anderson Cooper's new ratings.

Media Matters

Osceola Who?

By 5.29.12

Jeopardy misses the full story.

Media Matters

Neutral Objective Facts

By 4.16.12

Why have the major media become more liberal than ever?

Media Matters

Election Deceptions

By 1.18.12

It's easy to spot media-planted efforts to ease their man Obama's way to reelection.

Media Matters

Politico’s Nuns’ Story

By 12.15.11

Unwitting self-worship leads journalists astray.