Media Matters

Media Matters

Terror on the Web

By 1.18.07

Hamas's new English-language website celebrates martyrdom, reveals the truth about the Lewinsky scandal, and praises Jimmy Carter.

Media Matters

Deeq the Angry Somali

By 1.11.07

The taxi driver who spoke for an entire nation.

Media Matters

Out of Africa

By 1.10.07

Traditionalists in the Episcopal Church turn to a Nigerian archbishop for leadership -- and the New York Times gets the story wrong.

Media Matters

Only You

By 12.17.06

The phony populism of Time magazine.

Media Matters

The Unboring Pundit

By 11.14.06

John Tierney moves on to better things, alas.

Media Matters

And Now a Word From Our Critics

By 10.29.06

Could it be -- journalists engaging in honest exchanges on the holy topic of global warming? Not exactly...

Media Matters

Good Night and….

By 10.20.06

The days draw short -- as does the networks' coverage of actual news. Remembering Christopher Glenn.

Media Matters

Democrats Identify the Enemy

By 10.3.06

Thank you, Paul Begala, for the advance work.

Media Matters

Time for Answers From the Times

By 9.7.06

In another Plame out, our heroic paper of record turns coward, chicken, and wimp.

Media Matters

Grotesque Ignorance Exposed

By 8.30.06

The useless press has no one to blame but itself for the John Mark Karr fiasco.