Loose Canons

Loose Canons

America Exits, Bleeding

By 7.23.13

It's time to leave Afghanistan now, regardless of what Mr. Karzai wants to charge us.

Loose Canons

Stand Your Ground on Self-Defense

By 7.22.13

Under a vile race-baiting administration it’s everyone's duty to do so.

Loose Canons

Harry’s Nuclear Dud

By 7.17.13

A victory for Democrat labor unions, but Republicans hold on to filibuster another day.

Loose Canons

Leaking Distrust

By 7.15.13

It’s up to the intelligence committees to restore confidence in intelligence gathering -- no mean trick in the Age of Obama.

Loose Canons

Obama’s Morsi Mission

By 7.8.13

Insisting on "inclusiveness" will improve nothing in post-coup Egypt.

Loose Canons

Honey, Snowden Shrank Obama

By 7.1.13

Wheedling and diddling for Edward Snowden.

Loose Canons

The NSA Isn’t the IRS

By 6.24.13

Which is why Edward Snowden needs to be hit with more than a tax audit.

Loose Canons

Foreign Policy as Farce

By 6.17.13

Obama and Syria -- this dog ain't wagging.

Loose Canons

Are We Being ImPrism’ed?

By 6.10.13

 Is there anyone in government we can trust?

Loose Canons

Hot Times for Holder

By 6.3.13

But get used to it: he's not going anywhere.