Loose Canons

Loose Canons

Win or Go Home

By 9.30.13

A shutdown strategy for Republicans.

Loose Canons

Now It’s Putin’s Pupil’s Turn

By 9.23.13

 Hassan Rouhani is making a fool of Obama.

Loose Canons

Diplomacy of Dunces

By 9.16.13

Kerry-Obama have mastered the art of carrying a big mouth and getting hit with a hard stick.

Loose Canons

Passive and Contemptible

By 9.9.13

Our president prepares for his big showdown.

Loose Canons

Syrian Slam Dunk

By 9.3.13

So what is the American national security interest in any of this?

Loose Canons

LOVEINT in the Air

By 8.26.13

NSA continues to play footsie with the law -- but most alarmingly as conveyed in Footnote 14. Will Congress respond?

Loose Canons

Egypt Goes to the Mattresses

By 8.19.13

And Obama Tattaglia totally misreads the Muslim Brotherhood Barzinis.

Loose Canons

Put On a Smiley Face

By 8.12.13

Contentless “reform” won’t restore public confidence in NSA and American intelligence gathering.

Loose Canons

Desperation in the Benghazi Coverup

By 8.5.13

A congressional select committee could offer immunity to the CIA’s dispersed, intimidated survivors.

Loose Canons

Boehner’s Next Retreat

By 7.29.13

A way of political life that's killing Republicans.