Loose Canons

Loose Canons

France, Russia and Enaam Anaout

By 10.28.02

The fact that the Saudis are working behind the scenes to thwart us in the U.N. should surprise absolutely no one.

Loose Canons

Time, Terror and Arms Control

By 10.22.02

Why Iraq? Why not North Korea, first or instead?

Loose Canons

Speed Saves

By 10.15.02

Going slow could kill us in Iraq, as Secretary Rumsfeld knows full well -- and as his generals are being forced to understand.

Loose Canons

October SGO

By 10.8.02

There is no excuse for sending our men into combat with tools of war work that don't work, or are more dangerous to our people than they are to the enemy.

Loose Canons

Material Breach

By 10.1.02

A heavy hit on Iraq will have to be light.

Loose Canons

Howlin’ Howell and Jane

By 9.24.02

It's been a bad week for the Jane Fonda wing of the Democratic Party.

Loose Canons

Deadlines and Diplo-Games

By 9.17.02

After the President's big speech last week it's clear that the only deadlines that matter are those he sets and not those proposed by the U.N., Tariq Aziz or Tom Daschle.

Loose Canons

The EU’s War on NATO

By 9.10.02

The Western alliance's biggest enemy is not al-Qaeda or Saddam but an arrogant bureaucracy located right in its capital.

Loose Canons

Saddam Esse Delendum

By 9.4.02

The president's indecision has produced an eerie feeling in Washington and among our allies, both real and Saudi.

Loose Canons

Letting Lecter Loose

By 8.27.02

The War on Terror can't be won without nation building, as we're disastrously learning in Afghanistan and are bound to learn shortly in Iraq.