Loose Canons

Loose Canons

Situational Awareness

By 1.6.03

Persistent but unverified reports say that the North Koreans' success in developing nukes was propelled by advice and assistance of Pakistani scientists.

Loose Canons

Who Is John Kerry?

By 12.23.02

A decorated war veteran with no use for the military, for starters. What kind of commander in chief would he make?

Loose Canons

Picking Up the Pace

By 12.16.02

The president tried to draw a line in the Iraqi sand with the last U.N. resolution and failed. Saddam has defied the world yet again, and the U.N. is doing nothing about it.

Loose Canons

The Whores of UNMOVIC

By 12.9.02

Saddam is playing for time, and thanks to Hans Blix he appears to be succeeding. The President made a big mistake by not declaring immediately that Saddam's ''disclosure report'' is a lie.

Loose Canons

Nix Blix

By 12.2.02

Inspectors working under his inspection plan have as much chance of finding WMD as they do of finding Jimmy Hoffa.