Loose Canons

Loose Canons

Happy Rejectionist New Year

By 12.30.03

By any measure, 2003 was a tough year. It ends Orange, and 2004 promises to be as bad or worse.

Loose Canons

Message Received and Understood

By 12.21.03

Of course Muammar Qaddafi could receive a break if Howard Dean is elected. (P.S. If you'd rather stay calm in this season of Orange alerts, click on "Don't Color Me Orange" for an earlier Loose Canons treatment of the subject.)

Loose Canons

One Beautiful Weekend

By 12.14.03

Saddam is our prisoner and should remain so through any trial.

Loose Canons

Cordon and Search

By 12.7.03

For months, we have relied too much on winning hearts and minds in Iraq.Now we just need to focus on winning.

Loose Canons

Would You Believe? (Neither do I.)

By 11.30.03

A live report from the mouth of the EUnuch beast.

Loose Canons

November SGO

By 11.23.03

Lots of bad Stuff Goin’ On, from Iraqi pulloutitis to Dean denialism.

Loose Canons

A Fuse Burning Short

By 11.16.03

New bombshell: even lefties agree Iran is building a bomb. Why is the International Atomic Energy Agency suddenly in denial?

Loose Canons

Israel’s Bullfrog

By 11.10.03

Ze’ev Almog began his spec ops career by defecting.

Loose Canons

Kobi for Mayor

By 11.2.03

There is no city in America that sits on a precipice of terror like Metulla does. A live report from northernmost Israel.

Loose Canons

Tripping With TSA

By 10.21.03

The Transportation Security Administration is a disgrace to homeland security.