Loose Canons

Loose Canons

Unacceptable and Un-American

By 5.5.04

There is a sense of disarray about Iraq this week.

Loose Canons

CIA Independence Day

By 5.3.04

America today is not prepared to preempt the growing threat of nuclear terrorism.

Loose Canons

Once More Into the Screech

By 4.27.04

There they -- the French and the U.N. -- go again.

Loose Canons


By 4.20.04

Are our troops over-extended in Iraq? Do we to recruit more, maybe even restore the draft?

Loose Canons

Jamie’s Gotta Go

By 4.15.04

New reasons why Commissioness Gorelick should resign posthaste.

Loose Canons

A Day in Grootland

By 4.12.04

Live from the four-acre deck of the USS Harry S. Truman -- American leadership in action.

Loose Canons

Condi at the Bat

By 4.5.04

This mighty one needs to hit each pitch out of the park. But it’s the President who can’t afford to strike out.

Loose Canons

Mr. Clarke and Mullah Brezhnev

By 3.28.04

Our nation’s greatest terrorism expert ever doesn’t have a clue as to what terrorists want.

Loose Canons

Palm Beach County, Taiwan

By 3.21.04

Maybe we need to send Katherine Harris to be our next emissary to Taiwan. Regardless, the current man needs to go.

Loose Canons

Etched in Stone

By 3.14.04

Captain Edward Alan Brudno was an extraordinary man. Should his name be etched into the black granite of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?