Loose Canons

Loose Canons

Why Romney Lost

By 11.13.12

Countless facts can be cited -- but it all comes down to six basic reasons.

Loose Canons

The Petraeus Affair

By 11.12.12

His infidelity with his biographer is the least of it.

Loose Canons

What’s at Stake Tomorrow

By 11.5.12

Just imagine where's we'll be in 2017 after a second Obama term.

Loose Canons

Benghazigate: Chapter Two

By 10.29.12

Treachery and betrayal were the Administration's response, as the media gives Obama cover.

Loose Canons

Romney’s Must Win Situation

By 10.22.12

Tonight, he will need to distinguish himself from Obama and McGovern.

Loose Canons


By 10.16.12

By Obama standards, it's been his team's finest hour.

Loose Canons

CSI Benghazi

By 10.8.12

Futile and pointless best describe the FBI investigation of the consulate attack.

Loose Canons

Back-Footing Mitt

By 10.1.12

Wednesday night is Mitt Romney's best chance to defeat Barack Obama.

Loose Canons

As the World Burns

By 9.24.12

Continuing Season 4 of the Obama Soap Opera.

Loose Canons

Intruding Realities

By 9.17.12

Under the Unleader, America is creating power vacuums that liberal vanity won't fill.