London Calling

London Calling

When the Going Isn’t Good

By From the June 2010 issue

The only things to be said for air travel is speed.

London Calling

The Real Way to Save the Planet

By From the February 2010 issue

It is a pity Karl Popper did not live to see that Global Warming fitted perfectly into his model of a pseudo-theory.

London Calling

The Joy of Portraiture

By From the July 2009 - August 2009 issue

Painting the human face and form, the most difficult and precious of the fine arts, reached its maturity in 15th-century Florence and 16th-century Venice. Thereafter it was elaborated and varied by a succession of great masters for 300 years, until in the late 19th century it went into sudden and irrational decline. The 20th century was a catastrophe for fine art, and at the beginning of the 21st we live in a wasteland dominated by the most brutal form of commercialism, ephemeral fashion, and cynical abuse of talent.