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London Calling

‘Binge Britain’ Has Ended — Get Over It

By 5.19.15

A certain amount of amnesia is required if you are to believe everything the “public health” lobby tells you. Alcohol is frequently in the media but the only story relating to drink that is genuinely newsworthy is the steep decline in drinking that has occurred in the last decade. Britain has been witnessing its biggest fall in alcohol consumption since the 1930s. This trend was ignored for a long time, but once it became clear that it was not a statistical blip the truth began to seep out.

The BBC, which has never seen an anti-alcohol press release it doesn’t like, asked in 2011: “Why is alcohol consumption falling?” After years of fretting about “24 hour drinking” and “pocket-money prices,” it admitted that “behind these stories is an unexpected truth — Britons have been drinking less and less every year since 2002.”

London Calling

Kipper Time

By From the July/August 2014 issue

A bunch of fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”: this was how Prime Minister David Cameron once characterized the UK Independence Party (UKIP). And now those lunatics are taking over the asylum. In one of the biggest upsets in recent British political history, Nigel Farage and his maverick outsiders beat all three of their mainstream rivals (Conservative; Labour; Liberal Democrats) in May’s European Union elections to become Britain’s dominant party in the Brussels parliament.

UKIP also performed spectacularly well in Britain’s local government elections, in some places capturing as much as 51 percent of the vote. UKIP hit British politics like an earthquake. Were there any seismic indictors? Ought we to have seen this coming? Consider the case of Donna Rachel Edmunds, one of UKIP’s newly elected representatives and local councilor in the South East English borough of Lewes.