Letter From Paris

Letter From Paris

France Meets Ugly American

By From the April 2013 issue

Are French workers lazy? A tough talking tire executive takes on a Parisian political hack.

Letter From Paris

Kerry Chéri

By From the March 2013 issue

Finally the French have one of their own as secretary of state.

Letter From Paris

Sarko Redux

By 3.11.13

France’s little big man just can’t leave politics alone.

Letter From Paris

Flanby’s War

By 1.17.13

Is François Hollande saving the world from Islamic extremists, or his presidency?

Letter From Paris

More Liberal Than France?

By 1.16.13

Maybe a little French-style conservatism is the antidote to four more years of Obama.

Letter From Paris

Slouching Toward Dhimmitude

By From the December 2012 - January 2013 issue

What rough beast is being born in France?

Letter From Paris

Epitaph for Le Grand Charles

By From the November 2012 issue

De Gaulle loved France above all. The French themselves were another matter.

Letter From Paris

Franglais as She Is Spoke

By From the October 2012 issue

"The end of French political power has brought the end of French."

Letter From Paris

When France Lost Its Crown Jewel

By From the September 2012 issue

Fifty years on, it’s still struggling to get over the horror and shame of the Algerian War.

Letter From Paris

France’s Robin Hood Socialism

By 9.7.12

Will François Hollande's soak-the-rich policies save or ruin the economy?