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Latte Nation

Unsafe at Any High Speed

By 2.3.05

SUVs are rolling over because they’re being driven too fast.

Latte Nation

Snubbing Che

By 1.31.05

Robert Redford’s revolutionary hero dissed -- a disturbing footnote.

Latte Nation

Hollywood’s Twisted Psyche

By 12.22.04

It always comes down to depictions of people as victims of Evil Forces.

Latte Nation

Sideways and Backwards

By 12.16.04

Dorky liberalism in living color. Don’t forget to smell the wine.

Latte Nation

Unlike a Rolling Stone

By 12.9.04

Radical politics, Bob Dylan, and the alleged number one song of all time.

Latte Nation

Stick a Fork in the Sky

By 11.23.04

Thanksgiving travel this year is for the birds, assuming they get clearance from air traffic control.

Latte Nation

Behind the Scenes

By 11.4.04

Looking ahead after Election 2004.

Latte Nation

Red Town, Blue City

By 11.1.04

Dealing behind enemy lines not many miles from home.

Latte Nation

More Democrat Wars

By 10.26.04

President Kerry will be rarin’ to fight for left-wing causes.

Latte Nation

Hey, Big Spenders

By 10.22.04

Given that President Kerry would want to spend even more than President Bush, what’s a small government voter to do?