Last Call

Last Call

Anne, with the Saints

By From the December 2009 - January 2010 issue

The coolest godmother -- and New Orleans Saints fan -- in all creation.

Last Call

Two Weddings and a Demerol

By From the November 2009 issue

Two ex-roommates, two separate nuptials, in two different cities -- all on the same day, which happened to be September 11.

Last Call

Ending in Arlington

By From the October 2009 issue

In search of the essential Ted Kennedy.

Last Call

To the Santa Barbara Station

By From the September 2009 issue

Fifty years ago today Soviet bully Nikita Khrushchev arrived in the U.S. for a ten-day stay.

Last Call

Walk Hard

By From the July 2009 - August 2009 issue

Getting along has its charms.

Last Call

Density Is Destiny

By From the June 2009 issue

Liberal White Castles in the sky. From our June issue.

Last Call

Daughter Boom

By From the May 2009 issue

Thank heaven for little girls.

Last Call


By From the April 2009 issue

The notice from Uncle Sam arrived the other day: “Welcome to the Federal Employees Retirement System. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management thanks you for your years of public service and the contributions you have made to America.…We are here to serve you and wish you a long and fulfilling retirement.”

“Retirement”—that’s for old people, isn’t it? How strange that it should now apply to me, a man in the prime of life, hardly into middle age—with just a hint of gray here and there, a barely noticeable bald spot, and an appealingly cherubic-looking double chin! Still, I suppose retirement is one of those milestones on life’s rocky road that call for a bit of reflection, so here goes:

Last Call

One With the Underdogs

By From the February 2009 issue

My mother was 17 when she met Alice, 40 years her senior.

Last Call

Lincoln at 200

By From the March 2009 issue

He saved the Union, increased the sum total of freedom, advanced the very concept of democracy in the United States and the world.