The Hell-Hole Spectator

The Hell-Hole Spectator

The Big Joke

By 6.15.09

The expensive comedy club at Turtle Bay celebrates Cuba and other human rights atrocities.

The Hell-Hole Spectator

Persecuting Christians in Gaza

By 5.11.09

The folly of sending more U.S. tax dollars to the Palestinian Authority.

The Hell-Hole Spectator

Avoiding Disaster in Afghanistan

By From the March 2009 issue

The country is a land mine. If not handled properly, it will blow a hole in the Obama presidency before the midterm elections.

The Hell-Hole Spectator

The Sole of a Free Society

By 12.16.08

George W. Bush and the Arab world's celebrated shoe bomber.

The Hell-Hole Spectator

Holding the Line on Iran

By From the October 2008 issue

These must be heady days for Iran's ayatollahs.

Just a year ago, American efforts to contain and isolate the Islamic Republic seemed to be gathering steam. A third UN Security Council resolution censuring Iran for its nuclear advances was on the horizon, and the Bush administration could claim headway on the creation of a regional coalition of Sunni Arab states to counteract Iran’s growing clout.

Today, however, things are very different. Western efforts to control and contain the Islamic Republic have clearly faltered, while Iran’s march toward the bomb gives every indication of having accelerated. This reversal of fortune has a great deal to do with the recent U.S. National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran. Since its release in December of last year, that document, with its controversial (and widely disputed) finding that Iran halted its work on nuclear weapons back in the fall of 2003, has turned American policy toward Iran on its head.