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The Hell-Hole Spectator

The Nation’s Sympathy for Communism

By 7.23.14

The communist apologists over at the Nation, the self-described “flagship of the left,” have outdone themselves. The liberal rag, notorious for its long record of useful idiocy in the service of tin-pot dictators and tyrants, has once again fallen in love with Castro's Cuba. You would think it was the sixties all over again.

A self-congratulatory article about the Nation's educational staff trip to Cuba sets a dangerous precedent by commending the Cuban government for its political and economic advancements. But the Castro regime is just as guilty of crimes against humanity as it was four decades ago. Just because the island is showing feints at “progress” does not make the regime worthy of praise.

Last week, Cuba renewed its ties with Russia—Big Brother’s Big Brother. Putin forgave 90 percent of Cuba’s debt, amounting to $32 billion. There are also reports, and denials, that Russia has agreed to fund the Lourdes electronic eavesdropping base in Cuba.

The Hell-Hole Spectator

Dennis the Menace

By 1.9.14

Perhaps it had to be this way. Only Nixon could go to China, and only Rodman could go to North Korea. The weirdest man for the weirdest country, right?

I am nothing if not a child of the ‘90s, so I vaguely remember Rodman’s time in the NBA, especially his stint in Chicago: the successive rebounding titles, the freakish 72-10 regular season record in ’95-6, the pink hair and piercings. I also remember that on the playground and in gym class whenever someone did something unsportsmanlike — threw a dodge ball at somebody’s back or kicked a soccer ball too hard in the direction of a girl — we would all say, “Don’t be queer like Rodman.” We had no idea what it meant to be queer, but we knew that it had something to do with a man posing in a bridal gown and that it was, distinctly, a Bad Thing.

I wonder whether others my age remember this once-popular insult. It definitely wasn’t indigenous to my elementary school, as I discovered when I heard one of my older cousins employ it (“Pokémon? That game’s queerer than Rodman”). Just a piece of lore for the benefit of oral historians.

The Hell-Hole Spectator

Crowd with a Silver Lining

By 12.7.13

The National Broadcasting Company is mostly known these days as NBC, possibly because loyalty to the Nation seems far from its sights. The disloyalty is annoyance enough, as it retails self-serving messages from the White House without regard to the needs of actual citizens. Yet its most recent foray into advocacy journalism is going beyond partisanship into the realm of real propaganda and disinformation.

Last weekend the Today show did a feature on something called “shared medical appointments.” That means just what it sounds like, groups of patients being herded into crowded examining rooms to be treated in the presence of others. The Cleveland Clinic has been offering these appointments and apparently some patients enjoy aspects of being loaded in to the Doc.