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The Health Care Spectator

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By 11.13.13

Earlier this year I wrote a column about the perception that Democrats truly care about people while Republicans are unfeeling slugs who are content to see others starve while they happily count their money. Putting this idea over on the public is something the left does very, very well; or I should say, has done well in the past. It seems that recently they are having a little perception problem of their own: namely, the idea that when it comes to healthcare, they are careless indeed.

I was of the number of conservatives who wished the Affordable Care Act to be delayed as long as possible, while others, including my husband, counseled that the best remedy for Obamacare would be Obamacare itself; that once the biggest takeover of private industry in our nation’s history began to crawl out of its shell, its weight, complexity and downright unworkability would become apparent to all. And boy, were they right. The ACA has been a worse disaster than even the GOP had predicted.