A Further Perspective

A Further Perspective

Secular Alarmism

By 5.7.14

The Supreme Court this week ruled in favor of permitting voluntary prayer at city council meetings—a matter so benign that Eric Holder’s Justice Department didn’t even bother to oppose it. America’s long history of prayers and official chaplains at legislative sessions, both at the federal and state level, made the ruling an unavoidable decision for the Court, though four liberal justices dutifully lined up against it, treating a handful of Christian prayers at a town hall meeting in New York as a form of potential oppression.

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A Further Perspective

What Are the Democrats Afraid Of?

By 5.5.14

Why is it that Democrats don’t want to talk about Benghazi?

Why do Democrats get angry and defensive when asked about the events of September 11, 2012 which resulted in the deaths of four Americans at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya?

Why do Democrats act like it happened during the Civil War?

Why do Democrats want to change the subject? It seems like Democrats would rather talk about Obamacare than talk about Benghazi.

We all remember when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified on Capitol Hill in January 2013 and asked Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson, “Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make?”

Her successor, John Kerry, was no better. When he testified on Capitol Hill in April 2013 he told longtime GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, “We got a lot more important things to move on to.”

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A Further Perspective

Donald Sterling and Global Warming

By 5.1.14

What’s a Tampa sports addict to do? My Rays are in free fall. And the commentary on the NBA Playoffs is all Donald Sterling all the time. So I guess I’ll have to switch over to the hockey, eh? Aggravated battery on skates.

Sports writers and sports talking heads, insufficiently diverted by the games they're assigned to cover, and envious of the moral preening their news-side colleagues can regularly engage in, seem to be delighted to be able to anguish about what an 80-year old billionaire said to his trophy girl friend about whom she should hang out with. It gives them a chance to wring their hands about racism in America, and to show how pure their hearts are on the matter. Much more elevating than nattering on about LeBron James’ pull-up jumper.

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A Further Perspective

The Left’s Sterling Standards

By 4.30.14

The NBA’s tolerance of bad behavior is notorious. But Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racism gives the league a chance to discharge all of its unspent moral energies. His words, not his racist deeds as a landlord and owner (known to the league for years), will cost him his team. Prior to the release of his rants, Sterling could count on the league to overlook his racism. He even found pliable activists, eager for his donations, at the Los Angeles NAACP to give him awards.

The liberal media was happy to learn, contrary to earlier reports, of Sterling’s status as a registered Republican, though it must disappoint reporters that he is a RINO who gave to Democrats, not a Tea Partier. Sterling has now received the NBA’s equivalent of a death sentence—a lifetime ban and the almost certain loss of ownership of his team.

This is deserved, but some of the advocates for it were a little hard to take. Having covered for countless felons in the league over the years, their stance of moral superiority isn’t exactly earned. That they entrust “racial unity” to the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons doesn’t inspire much confidence either.

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A Further Perspective

Peace Breaks Out

By 4.28.14

Wonderful news just in for those tracking the Mideast diplomacy shuttle. The long arduous trek is finally done. All that blood, sweat and tears has paid off big time, or hadn’t you heard? Yes, indeedy, my good friends, while you were channel surfing game to game through the NBA playoffs, history has marched to its summit. Muhammad has come to the mountain! The Palestinians have finally made peace!

In a spectacular proclamation, hailed in all the hallowed halls of heraldry, the Palestinians, after sixty-six years of bellyaching about the predations and depredations of those dirty J… — er, those Zionist imperialists and occupiers — has been talked round to the cause of peace. They have traded the olive camouflage uniforms for the olive branch and the hostile hawk of war for the dewy dove of peace. They are even looking on Craig’s List for some swords they can turn into plowshares.

Was all this the happy result of harried Kerry’s hurrying? Did his sterling statesmanship persuade Abbas and Fatah that they can catch more flies with baklava than with hummus? And if so, why is Benjamin Netanyahu still scowling?

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A Further Perspective

Democrats’ Snoopy Dancing

By 4.24.14

The other day I came across an article on CNN entitled, “Why are Some Democrats Running Away from Obamacare?,” a truly comical piece that would be even funnier were it not mere cheerleading disguised as analysis. And cheerleading is desperately needed as Democrats approach the midterm elections. But running on Obamacare? Do these people live on the same planet we do? In a way, no. They live on the planet Liberal, where the truth is whatever they and their media wing say it is. And this strategy has served them well for the last few decades; until that is, reality rears its ugly head. And Obamacare is some ugly reality.

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A Further Perspective

In Persona Pelosi

By 4.22.14

Fresh from accepting her Margaret Sanger Award, lifetime Roman Catholic Nancy Pelosi accepted another curious invitation. This one wasn’t from Planned Parenthood. It came from the Episcopal Church, the same denomination that’s a member of the odious Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, which, along with Planned Parenthood’s official chaplain (no, I’m not kidding), literally prays for abortion. That is something that Planned Parenthood, the Episcopal Church, and Pelosi share in common. Pelosi has called abortion (actually, late-term abortion) “sacred ground to me.”

So, what happened with Rep. Pelosi this time?

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A Further Perspective

America’s Bad Optics Invite Adventurism

By 4.16.14

The remaining two and a half years of the Obama Administration are a dangerous period for the world. There is a window of opportunity for rogue nations and adversaries to take advantage of an administration that has yielded on the world stage and put our foreign policy, if you can find it, into disrepair. Further, the president seems disengaged from foreign affairs, narcissistically absorbed with himself, and inciting class warfare and social unrest to cover for lack of success elsewhere.

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A Further Perspective

Remembering the Boston Marathon Bombings

By 4.15.14

In the weeks leading up to the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings the media has focused its attention on those who survived their injuries. Perhaps the most notable example of this would be Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a dancer who lost part of her left leg during the attacks. Last month, Haslet-Davis danced onstage in Vancouver on a special bionic, prosthetic leg designed by a team at MIT.

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A Further Perspective

The Grandparent Scams

By 4.11.14

In mid-afternoon the phone rang. The voice at the other end said, “Hi, Grandpa, it’s Thomas.”

ME: Who?

VOICE: Thomas, your grandson

ME: I didn’t recognize your voice

VOICE: That’s because I have a sore throat.

ME: Where are you?

VOICE: Actually, I’m traveling. I’m in Peru.

(Silent pause)

ME: You are not in Peru and you are not Thomas. I’m familiar with this scam.

Whereupon, I hung up. 

Just two months before, “Thomas” had called me from the Dominican Republic.

That time he had a strep throat. 

Later, a State Department investigator explained that this dodge is called The Grandparent Scam. The gang that perpetrates it is operating all over the world.

“They move often, making it very hard to trace them,” she said. 

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