The Energy Spectator

The Energy Spectator

America’s Last Nuclear Hope

By From the March 2011 issue

Small reactors may save us yet.

The Energy Spectator

Alternative Energy and the Academy at Lagado

By 12.3.10

The first academic Swift's Gulliver met at the Academy was working on a new source of energy.

The Energy Spectator

Coal Is the Future?

By 11.23.10

The latest in '70s wisdom from the Atlantic's James Fallows.

The Energy Spectator

Measuring America’s Default From World Leadership

By 11.15.10

On nuclear power, the U.S. is on the wrong side of history.

The Energy Spectator

The Weekly Standard Goes Green

By 10.26.10

A major conservative weekly falls for Amory Lovins' latest anti-nuclear spiel.

The Energy Spectator

Comparing Apples and Orangutans

By 5.14.10

The mistaken "equivalency" between renewables and conventional power sources.

The Energy Spectator

Keep the Lights On

By 5.5.10

The oil spill in the Gulf is no reason to shut down the American economy or remain indifferent to its need for reliable, low cost energy.

The Energy Spectator

Unscientific American

By 10.28.09

Scientific American used to be a great magazine -- before it became intellectually unsustainable.

The Energy Spectator

Let’s Build 100 Nuclear Reactors — Again

By 7.10.09

We did it from 1970 to 1990. Why can't we do it again?

The Energy Spectator

People of Plenty

By 5.5.09

Natural gas comes to America's rescue -- once again we luck out.