The Energy Spectator

The Energy Spectator

The Ultimate Individual Mandate

By 1.13.12

Its name is cellulosic ethanol -- it's nonexistent but oil companies are still being fined by the EPA for not buying into it.

The Energy Spectator

The Obama Job-Shoveling Machine

By 1.3.12

A thousand jobs, shoveled right out the door.

The Energy Spectator

Paul Krugman Flunks Moore’s Law

By 11.15.11

He apparently has spent too much time in the sun.

The Energy Spectator

Facts on Frack Attackers

By 8.3.11

The well-funded effort to poison natural gas.

The Energy Spectator

Energy Independence Now

By 7.20.11

The energy deficit needs to be fixed, and it will take some common sense to do it.

The Energy Spectator

Energy Myths of the Left

By 5.27.11

For starters, we don't use 25 percent of world oil production while holding only 2 percent of world reserves.

The Energy Spectator

A True Energy Policy

By 5.24.11

The president has talked up natural gas -- yet he remains silent about the bipartisan NAT GAS Act.

The Energy Spectator

So Happy Together

By 4.12.11

The New York Times and the anti-nuclear movement.

The Energy Spectator

America’s Last Nuclear Hope

By From the March 2011 issue

Small reactors may save us yet.

The Energy Spectator

Alternative Energy and the Academy at Lagado

By 12.3.10

The first academic Swift's Gulliver met at the Academy was working on a new source of energy.