The Energy Spectator

The Energy Spectator

Is Kleiner Perkins Sorry It Ever Met Al Gore?

By 5.13.13

A leading venture capital firm gets taken to the clean energy cleaners.

The Energy Spectator

Is the Theory of ‘Peak Oil’ Dead?

By 3.5.13

The power of market adaptation illustrated.

The Energy Spectator

America’s Oil Revival

By 2.8.13

Keeping abreast of the new energy reality -- how soon before the U.S. becomes an energy exporter?

The Energy Spectator

Big Wind Meets an Ill Wind

By 12.28.12

The answer to our electricity needs is not blowin' in the wind.

The Energy Spectator

Energy to Spare

By 12.14.12

North America is abundant with energy sources and clean technology -- all that's missing is the political and cultural will to free ourselves from the Middle East.

The Energy Spectator

Nuclear’s Dilemma: Few Jobs, Just Energy

By 8.24.12

Obama defends green energy, Romney coal, because that's where the jobs are. Nuclear might as well not exist.

The Energy Spectator

Obama’s Federal Land Grab

By 8.17.12

Enviros used to oppose any use of America's federal lands. Now they want it to be the source of "renewable energy." Welcome to America's two economies.

The Energy Spectator

Hey America! Are You Ready to Go Back to Work?

By 6.29.12

How much more bureaucracy can we stand before we're all unemployed?

The Energy Spectator

Can Methanol Replace Foreign Oil?

By 6.15.12

The glut of natural glass makes it a no-brainer.

The Energy Spectator

Hold the Oil, Pass the Algae

By 4.27.12

Welcome to the Age of Biofuels -- and the latest Obama crackpot scheme.