Enemy of the Week

Enemy of the Week

Made in America


There are protection rackets, and then there are protection rackets. How did Colin Powell's toy boy qualify for both?

Enemy of the Week

Siege Lifters


Enemy Central's never ending peace struggle bears olive branch fruit.

Enemy of the Week

Great Performances


Enemy Central goes to the movies -- though the popcorn usually tastes fresher at a ball game.

Enemy of the Week

Lynch Mobsters


They got rid of Pickering. Now they've set their sights on Tennessee. But a friend rides to the rescue.

Enemy of the Week

Double Jeopardy


Bill Clinton insinuates himself into Alex Trebekland. Tom Daschle experiences liftoff. But does that make either winner of the big one?

Enemy of the Week

The War Is Over


Now that they think we've won, the progressives insist on going after the victor with new firepower.