Enemy of the Week

Enemy of the Week

The President’s Search for a New Beginning

By 10.13.14

Leon Panetta was the flavor of last week, not only because he allowed Joe Biden to come across as profound, when, at his usual haunts at Harvard, Joe observed, “At least give the guy a chance to get out of office.” So our veep calls his boss “the guy.” Talk about “inappropriate,” which is how he characterized Leon’s dismissive remarks about our still-serving president.

Leon responded in kind. “I don’t think you put history on hold,” he noted. But it also sounds to us he’s put it in reverse. Overlooked has been his comment that the president’s ineptness and lack of fire stem from self-doubts about his legitimacy, which, as the New York Times described Leon’s thinking, “has been challenged more than any of his predecessors by accusations like the unsubstantiated claim that he was not born in the United States.” So now we have anti-Obama Democrats hiding behind the so-called birthers. Out of long-suppressed guilt for not having vetted their “guy” in the first place?

Enemy of the Week

What Goes on Behind Closed Doors

By 10.6.14

Finally, someone who sees things the way our president does has found just the right words to express his ideals of accountability and honesty in public service. “We all are outraged.… It is obvious that mistakes were made,” she said. “I take full responsibility. What happened is unacceptable.” There was more along these lines, as she noted, “There is no such thing as ‘business as usual’ in our line of work. We have to be successful 100 percent of the time, and we are constantly making changes and doing everything possible to ensure that we are.” Music to any Obamaphile’s ear. The next day she was ousted, the first woman head of the Secret Service to be fired by the man who first named a woman to that position. Another day, another transformational moment.

Enemy of the Week

You Gotta Have Heart

By 9.26.14

We may have some 120 allies in the global fight against climate warming, according to our president, but how many of these nations’ leaders knew just what the hell he meant when he told them at the UN the other day, “There should be no question that the United States of America is stepping up to the plate.” “Plate? What kind of plate? Dinner plate? Metal plate? Plastic?” the simultaneous translators puzzled. Anyway, our guy is one to talk — only thing he ever steps up to is a tee. No doubt, he pronounced his UN speechathon a slam dunk. Darryl Dawkins, for those of you who remember him, would have characterized it as an “in your face disgrace.”

Enemy of the Week

Mobilizing the Big Guns

By 9.19.14

Confusion reigns. Our president has said no to a return war in Iraq and environs, some of his generals see it differently, and John Kerry is hoping to rely on Iran or CodePink or Pink Floyd. About the only think certain is that among administration representatives ISIL has emerged as the acronym of choice. Before it’s all over someone will be asking for Isilum. Or converting to it.

Happier are those who heard Joe Biden invoking Shakespeare, even if he thinks Shylock is a banker in one of the comedies. He gets things wrong with a steady consistency. In Florida the other day, his nominal boss said “the one constant is American leadership.” We’d revise that to read: “The one constant is Joe Biden’s leadership.”

Enemy of the Week

Another Uninterrupted Stretch of Blowhards

By 9.15.14

“We’ve always said, all options except for boots,” a State Department spokeswoman said last month. “That is still the case.” The catchphrase has become “no boots on the ground.” Nancy Sinatra used hers for walking. But what about our men and women in uniform and under the command of our president? Can they use theirs for golf? Marching on parade? Hiking in the Rockies? Or to think of it another way, what about sneakers or high heels? Can they be worn on the ground?

We were hoping the president’s major address last week would clarify matters. Instead, the only thing that really moved us was his fulsomeness about the country he has found out he really and truly loves. Some would say he was being Reaganesque.

Enemy of the Week

Manageable Corruption

By 9.5.14

Now they tell us. “Let’s be honest, the value of the luxury gifts and loans involved in the case, $177,000, is pretty petty,” writes the Washington Post’s Petula Dvorak for the prosecution in the case of the Virginia McDonnells vs. the U.S. which found the accused guilty on most counts. Isn’t it strange that Barack Obama received at least that amount in value from his Chicago backer Tony Rezko, who now sits in jail, while the Rezko equivalent in the McDonnell affair enjoys immunity while those he testified against face many long years in the pen. But who said life would be fair in a two-party state?

Enemy of the Week

The New Ice Age

By 8.29.14

As a great strategist once said of another, “What did he mean by that?” Two hundred years ago, the “that” was a reference to the expiry of the sly Talleyrand. Today it merely expresses wonder at our president’s frank admission that any strategy he may have had toward Isis has been put on ice. Nothing new there, of course. Our guy is the President of Cool, a position reinforced a day earlier when he turned down an opportunity to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. There would be no pouring of ice water on that cold heart of his — lest the ice kelvinize and talk of absolute zero ensue, not something one risks at a time of falling numbers. Still, for someone with a near blind belief in science, it was a strange form of denialism.

Enemy of the Week

Life in the 21st Century

By 8.22.14

The great Tiger Woods has announced that, owing to his latest back injury, he’s going to have to take a month or two off from golf play. But never fear, Barack is here, ready to fill the vacuum as most famous golfer in the world. It is, we might say, so 21st century of him. Even his prompt return Wednesday to the one thing he cares about after denouncing ISIS in a public service announcement hasn’t hurt his ranking. Indeed, bad boy behavior can only enhance his game and smile. Take a look at Rory McIlroy, who went on to win three straight tournaments, including two majors, right after throwing his fiancée under a bus and canceling their wedding plans. Twenty-first century types are everywhere.

Enemy of the Week

Stupid Stuff

By 8.15.14

Okay, we’re not normally this nervous, but it’s not every week that we have a big date in the offing. Our leader has announced he plans to return to Washington, D.C. on Sunday for reasons yet to be divulged. Maybe he needs help for his addiction to golf. Maybe he needs to get away from all those rich folks of Martha’s Vineyard. Maybe he just needs to escape from Madam Hillary’s manic clutches. Or maybe, just perhaps, he wants to ask us for advice. Don’t know how we might help. He’s been exactly the man we knew he’d be from the moment he first set eyes on a teleprompter. Who are we to expect someone not to be true to himself?