The Titanic of Talk Radio?

By 7.12.12

Has an iceberg named Limbaugh already started to sink the Huckabee show?


The Boss’s Governor Groupie

By 6.29.12

Bruce Springsteen has lost touch with his audience.


Mayor Bloomberg’s Lessons in Liberalism

By 6.12.12

Like liberals generally, he is tone deaf when the issue is freedom.


John Edwards, RIP

By 6.4.12

He's thinking about a comeback.


David Cameron, Seriously

By From the June 2012 issue

From a distance, David Cameron looks like one of the world’s most successful conservatives. He brought his party back to power, ending its 13-year spell in the wilderness. His politics, he once told me, were about achieving “liberal ends through conservative means,” and on schools and welfare those means have been undeniably radical. He preaches about the danger of debt, and is winning the argument, with a majority of Brits persuaded of the need for austerity. From a distance, this charming and charismatic 45-year-old might seem like the perfect conservative poster boy.

Then there is another view: that Cameron is in fact a flake, who for all his talk about “dealing with the debt” is increasing it almost as much as Barack Obama (whom he adores). That, much as Cameron likes using the military, he is making massive defense cuts and spending the saved money on overseas aid projects. That he is lazy and unserious, and has surrounded himself with cronies, making his government closer to Friends than to The West Wing. And that his election was not a triumph of Conservatism, but of spin over principle.


Shades of Bob Dylan

By 5.30.12

Yesterday Bob Dylan was a lot more cool than the president who gave him a medal.


A Facebook Marriage

By 5.22.12

Why did Mark Zuckerberg marry the day after the largest IPO in U.S. history?


America’s Most Overrated Banker

By 5.21.12

Jamie Dimon, the president's favorite banker, cries a river for himself.


A Tale of Two Julias

By 5.10.12

One of them didn't let government cook for her.


Ed Schultz: The Third Least Influential Person Alive

By 5.1.12

Union money, liberal big donor start-up spiced by a bad case of Hannity-envy.