The Grotesquery That Is Donald

By 8.10.15

My God, has it come to this? I’m pole-axed that there are serious people who take Donald Trump seriously for a New York minute.

Trump is an arrogant, self-satisfied, crude, and pompous windbag and bully who grossly overestimates his competence, his knowledge, his successes, and, not least, his charm. If this grotesque showman is the guy a plurality of the Republican base prefers, then that base is baser than I thought it was.

The man is hideous. He is not a serious human being. He is not a serious candidate. He is a blister on the bum of the Republican Party (to which his loyalty is so minimal as to be unmeasurable) and a serious threat to help install Clinton 2.0 at 1600 in 2017. It’s undeniable that a weak Republican establishment has been less than forceful on the issues that need to be engaged if America is to become America again. But this un-seriousness does not justify support of an even less serious Donald Trump. Trump may be a symptom of conservatives’ frustrations, but he damn sure isn’t a cure for them.


Ego Central

By 8.5.15

As Jon Stewart signs off later this week as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show after 16 years, the mainstream media is giving him the sort of reverence it normally reserves for President Obama.

Steve Almond of Salon.com writes, “[T]he consensus that has formed around him is that he’s a national hero, an intrepid truth teller, a kind of secular prophet in an age of folly, and the first Jew perhaps worthy of canonization.” Daily Beast columnist and CNN contributor Dean Obdeidallah thinks Stewart should succeed Obama and run for President. If that were to come to pass it would be like Obama never left office.


Privilege: The White Man’s Burden

By 7.23.15

The Washington Post recently ran a story that illuminated something about Millennials that had previously escaped me. Those who claim the mantel of “white privilege” are not expressing guilt, but superiority. A privilege is an advantage, and claiming it because of one’s skin color is not much different than claiming it as a result of one’s athletic or mental prowess. It says you are better when compared to others who lack your privilege.


Cardinal Sins

By 6.26.15

Have you heard about the awful Cardinal hack scandal? It brings shame and obloquy upon a respected organization which has spent many years building up its good name. How could moral myopia prevail at such a critical time? What manner of insensitivity and obtuseness would lead to such unconscionable behavior?

What’s that you say… the Saint Louis Cardinals hacking into the Houston Astros scouting reports…?

Oh, no, no, not about baseball at all. I was referring to the Cardinal of Cuba, Jaime Ortega, revealing himself to be a shameless political hack. Yes, it is true. The cleric, in Spain for a conference, was asked by reporters about the conditions of political prisoners in Cuba. His response: THERE ARE NO political prisoners in Cuba. Mercifully he stopped right there and did not treat us to a treatise about the exemplary democracy of the island nation, thriving merrily under the avuncular gaze of those benevolent Castro brothers.

So, I suppose, Yippee! Castro’s prisons are empty now, leaving extra space for other uses. Perhaps they can open more of those wonderful medical schools Michael Moore featured in his documentary. A Castro Convertible, as it were.


The Activist America Deserves

By 6.18.15

Rachel Dolezal — the former Spokane NAACP head who falsely, and with remarkable assertiveness, claimed to be African-American before her actual parents emerged last week — has already outlived the limitations of the six-hour news cycle.

Her behavior is so bizarre, her history so variegated, and the mélange of hesitance and stubbornness she projects in interviews so hard to pin down, that she’s only gathering steam as her story plays out. Nothing she does really matters, but everything she does is intensely interesting. Monday saw, among other news items, a media frenzy over what appeared to be a Dolezal sighting at the Spokane airport.


Bye, George!

By 5.15.15

Fate has a nasty sense of humor sometimes. The single most engaging person in show business today at any level is Ali Wentworth (Schmoopie to Seinfeld devotees), former host of Yahoo’s Daily Shot, the best original production in the history of the Internet. I defy any honest viewer to see any episode of that show, or any of her public appearances, and not find her immensely likeable. In particular, I would recommend her coffee klatsch with Jerry Seinfeld on his new show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

And who does this absolutely delightful human being choose as a spouse? None other than the penultimate creep George Stephanopoulos (the title of “ultimate creep” is taken during Charles Schumer’s lifetime.) If that match was made in Heaven, it might have been through connections his father cultivated on high in his quarter-century as Dean of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Cathedral.

Well, there is no accounting for tastes. Personally I never baste lamb but I would not lambaste people who do. Hopefully we can keep liking Alexandra while heaping scorn upon her husband.


Mosby Continues Her Raid

By 5.13.15

Marilyn Mosby, the Baltimore City state’s attorney who has filed charges against six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, is a left-wing activist first and a prosecutor second. She couldn’t have made this clearer last weekend when she turned up at Prince’s rock concert in Baltimore. She not only attended the de facto anti-police political rally but appeared on stage with the performer.

The concert was called a “Rally 4 Peace,” which served as a rally for railroading the police officers. Revealing the ideological character of the event, Prince spoke of Michael Brown as a victim of police brutality, a position that Mosby evidently holds too, despite the fact that even Eric Holder’s Justice Department concluded that the police officer who shot Brown did nothing illegal.


Former UN Chief: Americans Should Eat Insects to Fight Global Warming

By 5.7.15

Marie Antoinette may or may not have said “Let them eat cake” at the outset of the French Revolution 200-plus years ago, but former United Nations General Secretary Kofi Annan just made Marie Antoinette’s alleged dictate seem downright magnanimous. Pointing his finger at America and other Western democracies, Annan this week said Americans should begin eating insects to do our part to address the fictitious global warming crisis.

Complaining about a “rapidly growing middle class,” Annan told the Guardian that more people being able to afford beef and chicken is causing “a major threat to the climate” because raising livestock produces global warming emissions. “There are alternative sources of protein,” said Annan. “Insects have a very good conversion rate from feed to meat.”

Annan criticized people in Western democracies for not embracing insect food sources linked to poverty in developing nations.


Unwelcome Back, Carter

By 4.29.15

The position of former President has always been a revered and exalted one in the United States, ever since George Washington did his Cincinnatus impression and retired to his… well, sort of like a farm. Later Presidents wrote good books (like Grant and Coolidge) or bad books (like Clinton) and did good works (like Nixon) or bad works (like Clinton.) Or they could paint funny watercolor self-portraits like George W. Bush.

Indeed, such was the esteem in which Americans held Jimmy Carter that they promoted him to the august role of former President after a single term in office! He left the White House on January 20, 1981, to be welcomed by the lusty cheers of a grateful nation.

Men and women of a certain age recall Jimmy’s tenure as Chief Executive with a shudder, often accompanied by a cold sweat. It is hard to communicate to the younger generation how different life was in those halcyon days. Back then you bought a home by signing a mortgage in the range of fifteen percent. Yes, you heard right, fifteen! That is a mere five times the current rate. You can imagine how much fun life was in that environment.


Sundays With Dickerson

By 4.14.15

The announcement was made over the weekend that CBS News would be replacing the 78-year old Bob Schieffer as the host of its Face The Nation Sunday show with a representative of a new generation of biased leftwing Beltway insiders.

John Dickerson, son of the former CBS reporter and D.C. socialite Nancy Dickerson, has served as CBS’s political director as well as chief political correspondent at the online left-wing rag Slate for the last several years. Prior to those jobs Dickerson was a reporter at the left-wing print rag Time magazine. He now takes over for Schieffer, who made a reputation as one of the more partisan Democrats in television news.

Nothing — nothing — will change with Dickerson taking over for Schieffer.

What are we getting from the network that gave us Dan Rather’s defamations of George W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard record, Walter Cronkite’s North Vietnamese propaganda, Daniel Schorr’s smearing of Barry Goldwater as a Nazi wannabe, and the serial spiking of Sharryl Attkisson’s investigative reporting of the Obama scandals?