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Editor's Desk

To Hillary With Love, Part Deux


We conclude our charitable work on behalf of the untitled Senator from New York state and former first person of the United States.

Editor's Desk

To Hillary With Love


Our good deed of the day: fresh titles for her new memoir, courtesy of impatient readers responding to yesterday's plea. Check out our quarterfinalist, semifinalist, and Grand Prize winners.

Editor's Desk

A Title for Hillary: Please Help


It appears that Sen. Clinton can't finish her memoirs because she doesn't know what to call her book. Maybe you can come up with a winning title. Check Wlady's Corner (item two) for details. But hurry. She's already missed her deadline.

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Bush in Command

By 1.29.03

Last night he played Tampa to the Democrats' Oakland, with Saddam as the kicking tee.

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Oakland at Bay

By 1.26.03

The best offense is a great defense. The Raiders hoped it could be the other way around.

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The Conason Prize

By 12.9.02

On the trail of a lefty scribe eager to do his best to serve the interests of liberal pols besieged by the conservative media monolith.

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Victory Matters

By 11.6.02

No one asked him to compete, but Bill Clinton lost big yesterday anyway.

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Mondale in Debate

By 11.4.02

Shakiness has nothing to do with age.

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A Memorial Mess

By 10.30.02

Democrats in Minneapolis last night were so busy partying they never could stop smiling.

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Vintage Gore

By 9.26.02

He's been sour for the longest time.