Editor’s Desk

Editor's Desk

Memorial Day Weekend


This is a serious holiday coming up, and not because of the Indy 500 or the unofficial opening of summer. We’ll be back with a full lineup for Tuesday, and in the best news the proudly demented Al Gore has had since the time Lenin’s admirer Armand Hammer helped make his family rich, Enemy Central has decided to extend the ex-veep creep’s eligibility for a grand Enemy of the Week prize another week. Nothing will prevent our weekend from getting off to a glorious start, not Al Gore, not even a spot of stormy weather. Just how glorious? As we type, the view from ninth-floor windows reveals a golden rainbow ending right atop a northeast corner of the Pentagon -- and a Memorial Bridge aglow in white light. Unlike an Al Gore, our capital sure can rise to the occasion.

Editor's Desk

Fun With Pop-Ups


Let's head the criticism of the pop-up ad off at the pass: Yes, we are trying to sell you something. More importantly, we are briefly offering another way to subscribe to The American Spectator -- at a generous discount. Until the end of the year, if you click on the ad and sign up for cheap local and long distance phone service, a year of the Spectator is only $9.95, just shy of $40 off the regular price.

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Thanksgiving was fun, no? Having got our fill of turkey and family, we're settling back in to a regular publishing schedule. The December issue is at the printer and the fact that it's a double issue allows us to catch our collective breath for a moment and address some reader concerns about the current incarnation of this website.

First, several readers complained that the font sizes were too small. We bumped the normal font sizes up all around and then decided to make the text size of the articles variable. Hope that did the trick.

Second, we continue to receive queries about how people can become "members" to access the archives. The wording is unfortunate and will be changed soon. What it's supposed to say is that only subscribers can access the electronic archives of the print magazine, and even that would be premature. As of yet, we do not have a digital archive of the print mag on the web. (It's in the offing but may take a bit.)

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Happy Thanksgiving


It's the best time of the year. We're on holiday, without having to listen to Burl Ives telling us what time of year it is. There'll be plenty of opportunity for that next month. Our site, like our capital's fabled Metro, will operate on a limited schedule until next Monday. Good luck with your flights, your fixins, and your families. We'll enjoy it when you're back.