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Editor's Desk

Welcome to the new Spectator

By 11.12.13

Fellow spectators: We've come a long way. Since I founded The American Spectator in 1967, we've been jargogling liberals with wit and humor—and we plan to keep on in that tradition for many years to come. But the method of delivery has changed rapidly, almost as fast as the rotating the cast of congressional clowns, judicial jesters, and presidential pantywaists at whom we aim our jabs. There was a day when photos and articles for the magazine were cut and pasted—literally, physically—into place. A Facebook was a leather photo album, and a Yahoo was an uninformed Democrat (or in those days, maybe even an out-and-out Socialist or Communist).

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Our Forty-Five Years

By From the February 2013 issue

Brushing aside the cobwebs that have accumulated in my mind while editing this magazine for 45 years, I perceive six phases in its life. Some events that seemed momentous in their day seem less so today. Others that seemed mere ephemera have taken on great significance. Murderers blamed the AmSpec staff for their excesses in the early 1970s; a procession of two generations of writers, activists, and political leaders—one being perhaps the greatest president of the 20th century—have surpassed them handily in significance. Years ago, I did not see the procession for what it came to be.

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Culture Trumps Politics

By From the September 2012 issue

On November 6, conservatives are going to win big in the elections, but not in the war for our political culture. Why?

Culture trumps politics every time. In fact, culture trumps politics, the law, and even the Constitution. Recently we saw culture trumping the law and the Constitution spectacularly in NFIB v. Sebelius, when Chief Justice John Roberts crossed over to join the Liberal minority and find Obamacare constitutional.

There is in our country a self-styled elite, who propound a culture that is very rarified and very political. Over time it keeps changing, but it remains in the hands of the same elite. The culture is Liberal, cut off from the American demos, but all the more potent because of this segregation. It follows its own eccentric whims unchastened by the demos. Because of its alienation from ordinary Americans and because it pollutes, contaminating all it touches, I call it a Kultursmog.

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We need your help!

By 6.18.12

Ever since Al Gore invented the Internet, the Left has held the advantage online. Well, no longer.

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After the Quake

By 8.24.11

What it was like to experience the Washington area's historic earthquake.

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Poland From Afar

By 4.20.10

Reflections in the wake of April 10.

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Real Reconciliation


Betsey McCaughey has come up with a 20-page bill, in plain English, that solves all of Obamacare's problems.

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Consultations to the Editor


A letter from Betsy McCaughey to the New York Times correcting its inaccurate reports of her positions on health care reform.

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Editor’s Note on Google

By 7.8.08

Responding to readers: Are we harmful?

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Political Deaths

By 2.9.06

Who gets mourned, and why, and who does not.