The Current Crisis

The Current Crisis

Take Out Saddam

By 8.22.02

After September 11 it's the only rational thing to do.

The Current Crisis

Here to Stay

By 8.20.02

Bill Simon won't go away, no matter what cheap tricks the media play on him.

The Current Crisis

Whale Watching

By 8.15.02

Beachcombing among the fat of the land.

The Current Crisis

Fat City Prohibitionists

By 8.8.02

They pave the way for corruption, not personal responsibility.

The Current Crisis

Resisting the Anti-Business Riptide

By 8.2.02

Bill Simon's solid numbers suggest California voters aren't about to forget who the real sleaze is in this year's gubernatorial race.

The Current Crisis

Osama Is Still Dead

By 8.1.02

In his last tape he looked like he had been living on a diet of desert insects and high-altitude bombs.

The Current Crisis

Government to the Rescue

By 7.25.02

That's when economic life truly becomes dangerous.

The Current Crisis

Kill the Rich Politics

By 7.24.02

In California if you pay millions in taxes the press immediately concludes you're a tax cheat.

The Current Crisis

An Islamic Friend Along Embassy Row

By 7.18.02

Algeria is in a bloody fight against Islamofascism.

The Current Crisis

Davis Passes South

By 7.16.02

It says everything about a candidate when his mean streak becomes more pronounced that that of his foul-mouthed political hit man.