The Current Crisis

The Current Crisis

My Mafia Memories

By 9.19.02

The guys in Chicago were a lot suaver than the slobs on ''The Sopranos.''

The Current Crisis

Among the Big Liars

By 9.18.02

Just where did Clinton stand in the last war?

The Current Crisis

An Anti-American Election


Is it still possible to distract Germans from their domestic problems by pointing blame at outsiders? Gerhard Schroeder sure hopes so.

The Current Crisis

Chicken Hawk Squawk

By 9.12.02

It emanates from chickens and poseurs.

The Current Crisis

Governor Graft Davis

By 9.11.02

Thanks to new reports, Bill Simon will soon have a golden opportunity to illuminate his opponent's shakedown artistry.

The Current Crisis

Inert Europols

By 9.5.02

They've been relaxing for years, while Washington supplies the military security.

The Current Crisis

When a Democrat Panics

By 8.30.02

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack was all set for an easy re-election run. Instead he's sweating bullets -- and counting on spending gimmicks to save his nervous skin.

The Current Crisis

Still the Same

By 8.29.02

CNN Professor Emeritus Larry King is wrong -- September 11 did not change us forever.

The Current Crisis

Take Out Saddam

By 8.22.02

After September 11 it's the only rational thing to do.

The Current Crisis

Here to Stay

By 8.20.02

Bill Simon won't go away, no matter what cheap tricks the media play on him.