The Current Crisis

The Current Crisis

Byrd Most Foul

By 12.25.02

Will the Clintons join in asking Senator Byrd quietly to resign his office before the Republicans break out in full cry against his latest act of racial callousness?

The Current Crisis

Darkest France

By 12.19.02

The reason for its reluctance to join us in war against the abettors of terrorism.

The Current Crisis

Mean and Ignoble

By 12.18.02

Anyone who blunders as egregiously as Trent Lott is not fit for leadership.

The Current Crisis

Digging Jerusalem

By 12.12.02

Religion dominates here, sometimes in ways that might persuade even the most obdurate non-believer to give God a second look.

The Current Crisis

Gentleman Sharon

By 12.10.02

The 74-year-old Prime Minister of Israel is built like some sort of heavily armored mobile weapon.

The Current Crisis

Two-Minute Warning

By 12.4.02

That's all the time Israel has to react to enemy aircraft headed in its direction.

The Current Crisis

Report From the Promised Land

By 12.3.02

The threats are grave, graver than most of us have imagined.

The Current Crisis

Born to Lose

By 11.28.02

Democrats are having the worst time coming to terms with their natural limitations.

The Current Crisis

Delisted by Emily’s List


A leading feminazi PAC hangs Democrat Mary Landrieu out to dry.

The Current Crisis

Escape to New York

By 11.26.02

How can one write about Washington when Bobby Short is playing at the Carlyle?