The Current Crisis

The Current Crisis

Searching for Jacques Shirk

By 1.29.03

The commentators struggle to find deeper meaning in a presidential speech.

The Current Crisis

Peace Had Its Chance

By 1.22.03

The irony is that peace movements never bring about peace, unless it's enforced by the 82nd Airborne.

The Current Crisis

Seoul on Ice

By 1.21.03

There'll be no Sunshine when we're gone.

The Current Crisis

Moody Blues

By 1.15.03

If you were a young person today, would you not be a little blue after a day in the classroom?

The Current Crisis

Dynamic Prophecy

By 1.8.03

If you cut taxes, the economy will grow. You can look it up.

The Current Crisis

Senator Kerry on Parade

By 1.2.03

At least he wasn't pelted with eggs and tomatoes.

The Current Crisis

Waldheim’s Wonderboy

By 1.1.03

And so in faraway Kenya, President Daniel arap Moi, for 28 years the great hope of progressives everywhere, retires.

The Current Crisis

Byrd Most Foul

By 12.25.02

Will the Clintons join in asking Senator Byrd quietly to resign his office before the Republicans break out in full cry against his latest act of racial callousness?

The Current Crisis

Darkest France

By 12.19.02

The reason for its reluctance to join us in war against the abettors of terrorism.

The Current Crisis

Mean and Ignoble

By 12.18.02

Anyone who blunders as egregiously as Trent Lott is not fit for leadership.