The Current Crisis

The Current Crisis

The Liars’ Club

By 5.14.03

From Stephen Glass to Sidney Blumenthal.

The Current Crisis

Never Right

By 5.8.03

The American left is the only intellectual force in Western history to gain moral superiority by being wrong.

The Current Crisis

The Whiff of Grapeshot

By 5.7.03

Therapeutic application of American might in Iraq has had a calming effect on the world.

The Current Crisis

Breakfast at the Carlyle

By 5.1.03

In conversation Tom Wolfe always brings up unusual aspects of American life, hitherto ignored.

The Current Crisis

Turkey Shoot

By 4.30.03

The White House Correspondents' Association dinner can be a hunter's nightmare -- and a mortician's dream.

The Current Crisis

Learning From Daniel Pipes

By 4.24.03

Certain very partisan Islamic organizations want his nomination to the U.S. Institute of Peace rescinded because his writings do not hew their party line.

The Current Crisis

Midwestern Superiority

By 4.23.03

On the road where the earth is black and the big cities gritty and tough.

The Current Crisis

Looney Clooneys

By 4.17.03

They've made Hollywood the intellectual jewel of the Western World.

The Current Crisis

Dealing With the Corpus Delicti

By 4.16.03

Thus far there is no outcry against the French and the Germans for their arms trafficking with Iraq because the State Department is pressuring the Pentagon to direct reporters to other matters.

The Current Crisis

The Time Machine

By 4.10.03

To believe our nation's leading newsweekly, the Coalition of the Willing lost the war last week.