The Current Crisis

The Current Crisis

Feline Politics

By 10.2.03

Is there a witch doctor in the house?

The Current Crisis

Funny Girly-Boy

By 9.25.03

Wes Clark seems to have modeled himself on a gal named Arianna.

The Current Crisis

Arafat Removal

By 9.18.03

He'll always have Paris.

The Current Crisis

Butchered by Schumer

By 9.11.03

Rather than hear such paragons of balderdash as the Hon. Charles E. Schumer calumniate him, Miguel Estrada has decided to become rich.

The Current Crisis

John Pierre Kerry’s Offensive Diatribe

By 9.4.03

Why can't the senator from Yorktown be as decent as, say, Ronald Reagan?

The Current Crisis

A Dark Cloud Over Dr. Dean

By 8.28.03

Beware the gathering storm of angry Democrats and Birkenstockers.

The Current Crisis

Drug Fix

By 8.21.03

If it's not broke, Medicare sure will be once the new prescription drug bills become law.

The Current Crisis

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

By 8.14.03

Just the other day, two more young Palestinians succeeded in crossing into Israel and killing innocent people.

The Current Crisis

Look Back in Anger

By 8.7.03

Dean Democrats are a spiffy collection of angry young persons.

The Current Crisis

America’s Holy Cities

By 7.31.03

We have them too, don't we?