The Current Crisis

The Current Crisis

John Pierre Kerry’s Offensive Diatribe

By 9.4.03

Why can't the senator from Yorktown be as decent as, say, Ronald Reagan?

The Current Crisis

A Dark Cloud Over Dr. Dean

By 8.28.03

Beware the gathering storm of angry Democrats and Birkenstockers.

The Current Crisis

Drug Fix

By 8.21.03

If it's not broke, Medicare sure will be once the new prescription drug bills become law.

The Current Crisis

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

By 8.14.03

Just the other day, two more young Palestinians succeeded in crossing into Israel and killing innocent people.

The Current Crisis

Look Back in Anger

By 8.7.03

Dean Democrats are a spiffy collection of angry young persons.

The Current Crisis

America’s Holy Cities

By 7.31.03

We have them too, don't we?

The Current Crisis

Lack of Intelligence

By 7.23.03

How dumb the Democrats who tear down American foreign policy for their own partisan gain.

The Current Crisis

Politics Breeds Contempt

By 7.16.03

Reflections on Harry Truman's latest bout of plain speaking.

The Current Crisis

Hurray for Prince Charles

By 7.9.03

In London there is a fellow intent on improving the teaching of history.

The Current Crisis

It’s the Humidity

By 7.7.03

Could anti-Americanism be rooted in French distaste for our ghastly summer weather?