Constitutional Opinions

Constitutional Opinions

Blagojevich and Scalia

By 8.18.10

If not for Justice Scalia, Rod Blagojevich would not have been convicted even on one count.

Constitutional Opinions

The Constitutional Amendment Con

By 8.9.10

Republicans try to placate the base, but the Constitution isn't the problem.

Constitutional Opinions

Suing Obamacare

By 7.20.10

The states' lawsuit over Obamacare raises fundamental issues of individual liberty and government power.

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Hiding Behind U.S. Law

By 7.9.10

All the world (of plaintiffs' lawyers) is banging down our door.

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The Second Amendment, Incorporated

By 6.29.10

Yesterday's high court ruling was the correct one -- but also troubling.

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How Cruel and Unusual?

By 6.7.10

Elena Kagan will need to be asked about the Supreme Court's recent ruling in Graham v. Florida.

Constitutional Opinions

Kagan’s Telepathy Standard

By 5.13.10

What would Thurgood Marshall do?

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The Democrats’ “Corporate” Obsession

By 4.22.10

Their latest salvo in the war over judges is another loser.

Constitutional Opinions

Without Recourse

By 3.22.10

Don't expect the Supreme Court to ride to the rescue, not even regarding the "individual mandate." It gave up long ago trying to keep big government in check. 

Constitutional Opinions

Living Under God

By 3.18.10

The Liberal Ninth Circuit – of all courts – has just sung the praises of limited government.