Constitutional Opinions

Constitutional Opinions

Downgrading the Constitution

By 8.10.11

Don't blame Standard & Poor's for the federal government's dire fiscal outlook.

Constitutional Opinions

The Big Repeal

By and 8.9.11

Want to repeal unnecessary laws? It's harder than you think.

Constitutional Opinions

Thomas Jefferson Warned Us

By 8.5.11

The debt and our "broken government."

Constitutional Opinions

A Case Against Mandatory Voting

By 7.25.11

Government should not force people to be free.

Constitutional Opinions

Foreman’s Knockout Punch

By 7.6.11

Justice may not have been served in the Casey Anthony trial, but the Constitution was.

Constitutional Opinions

Ganging Up on Justices Thomas, Scalia, and Alito

By From the June 2011 issue

The left used to apply the politics of personal destruction to judicial nominees. Not anymore.

Constitutional Opinions

Seeing Through a Fake Injury

By 4.5.11

Supreme Court upholds Arizona educational tax credit -- and greater school choice.

Constitutional Opinions

Justice Scalia’s Timely Advice

By and 2.9.11

If heeded by the new Congress, it would represent a healthy change in the priorities of our national legislature.

Constitutional Opinions

Liberalism’s Frail Constitution

By 1.10.11

While pretending to revere it as an important document that is just too inscrutable to limit government, liberals let slip what they really think about the Constitution.

Constitutional Opinions

Does the Constitution Mean Anything?

By 12.17.10

Not really, certainly not to the defenders of Obamacare.